12 February 2012

super easy valentines

The little dude is not crafty. He saw his sister meticulously crafting her mailbox valentines, and wanted nothing of the sort. So he chose a box of valentines from the store, and some cute little bubble accessories. (We were going to do the bubbles with an attached tag + stickers, but the box of valentines was actually cheaper!) Super easy, quick, but still fun and a little more exciting than the valentines alone.

We began by assembling the boxed valentines. (They came with temporary tattoos that needed to be separated and attached.) My little guy is a big fan of order, so he spent some time matching the tattoos to the corresponding valentines. There weren't enough for all of them to match, so we had five or so at the end that didn't match. He was surprisingly ok with this.

After writing names on all of them, we punched holes in one corner, cut some ribbon, and used the ribbon to tie on the bubbles. Easy peasy. Still a little crafty, but he actually enjoyed helping. He got to pick the color of the ribbon and bubbles—he likes having that control. I was thankful for the time we spent assembling. :)

This photo borrowed from the other day


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