28 June 2012

179/366 space needle

Space Needle, 30 second shutter, with helicopter flying through the frame
It was a Space Needle kind of day. Lunch at the top (it spins!), playing in fountains below. Night shooting at Kerry Park with the kids. 

Thank goodness for naps and late night snacks. 

And husbands. Yes, thank goodness for husbands.


Sophie said...

I love this picture, beautiful colors ;)

Grandpa Bill said...

It looks like you and the kidlets are having a great time; the pictures reflect your fun.

Yes, husbands can be wonderful; I know I am. We are mostly self-cleaning, partly trained, and entirely portable. And we do tricks, we really do!

Barb said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE this photo!!! This has postcard written all over it!!!

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