09 June 2012

more bugs

I know, I know. You guys just love my bug photos. But these little guys fascinate me. I am not a bug lover by any means, but I do love being able to magnify them and see all their foreign parts close up. Take this brown one, for instance. When I first saw it, it wasn't moving. I thought it might have been a long dead ladybug, though I couldn't figure out how it died with wings spread and clinging to grass. I grabbed my camera and took pictures whenever the wind would stop blowing. Between my 6th and 7th shot, the insect changed its orientation on the grass. So it was alive, but it's not a bug I've ever seen before. Crazy.

For fun, I went over to that intoxicating peony bar again. The ladybug was still there. What a lush.

I was about to take the camera back inside when I saw this shiny guy. Yet another new-to-me insect. Very flashy and attractive.
I could even see my reflection in his shiny exoskeleton.
How cool is that?

“Yuck, ew, creepy,” you say, but as long as they're not bothering me, bugs are cool!


nana/ma said...

Hmmm...is this site bugged?? I'll just bug out for now!! See ya later, Risa!

Sophie said...

wonderful !!!

Cathy said...

Very cool pictures. Another post for my dad!

Cathy said...

From my favorite entomologist:

The top fly is a tachinid fly. I don't know the species.

Convergent lady beetle. Hippodemia convergent.

The green fly is one of hundreds of species of Dlichopodidae.

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