27 July 2012

209/366 chair lift

We went to Ski Bowl on the mountain today. (And I didn't take my camera. I borrowed an iPhone for this photo.) 90% of Ski Bowl was great fun! Especially since we got in for free. One of the main features of Ski Bowl is the Alpine Slide. You ride down a concrete track on a something like a big skateboard. It's fantastic! But you're supposed to take a chair lift to get to the top.

Now, I remember riding a chair lift once as a kid. I don't remember having any problems with it. But I'm not a skier, so I haven't been on one in probably twenty years. Turns out I'm a wee bit afraid of heights. Or at least afraid of chair lifts. Something about the swinging, the dangling. . . and my recent viewing of this horrid movie didn't help. It was terrifying and I cycled through all my coping skills to make it through without scaring my eight year old.

Maybe they'll let me hike to the top next time.

(Of the slide, not the mountain.)


Cathy said...

We rode the sky tram at the boardwalk a few nights ago. Like a big ski lift that takes you across to the other side. Horrible. I thought Cate would slip right off the entire time. I feel your pain.

Grandpa Bill said...

It was the chairlift at Mt Bachelor; we rode to the top for little or no money in the summer. It was scarier because there was no soft, cushy snow underneath, only jagged volcanic rocks. Mom and I had our hands full trying to corral your brothers and keep them from flinging themselves down the scree slopes. Might have been one of the trips to the High Desert Museum, Lava Tubes, and such.

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