08 August 2012

221/366 second harvest

I'm one of those people that groans when friends upload 497 vacation photos without deleting the bad ones. No one needs three nearly identical shots of the same thing, especially if one is out of focus or tilted. No one needs to see the frame you accidentally took when the camera was pointed at Aunt Junie's shoe. Right? Deleting repeats and errors is good.

So I have a real dilemma when I, hypothetically, shoot some surprise strawberries from the garden in some awesome morning light. I shoot from a few different angles to capture, for example, 1) the color, 2) the light illuminating the green leaves, 3) the light grazing across the flesh of the strawberry, and 4) the close up with the tiny spider web. And I end up with four images so similar, I can't in good conscience possibly post them all. Yet I love them all for various reasons (see above) and can't bring myself to delete them or choose between them for posting. 

Such a dilemma. But I'd much rather focus on this dilemma than the stack of To-Dos in front of me, so there you go. Four nearly identical strawberry photos. Happy Wednesday. :)