22 August 2013

star wars party

Little Dude had a Star Wars party last week. Thanks to people sharing ideas all over the Internet, I planned the party in about an hour. 

I'm not ashamed of using other people's ideas. Other people are smart and have more mental energy than I do! I did make a point to take only the basic ideas and really make them our own. That helps me feel less like I'm stealing. :)

Little Dude helping me prep the pool noodles for lightsabers

Little Dude loved our fun food labels, even though they were mostly ignored by the six year old guests. :)

The Jar Jar Drinks were my favorite. I actually came up with that one!

We played Pin (tape) The Lightsaber On Yoda and decorated pool noodle lightsabers with duct and electrical tape. Most of the time, the kids just played. I learned years ago not to plan too many activities for young kids. They just want to play with each other and toys they don't have at their houses.

The party was a great success. Little Dude had a blast. I had fun orchestrating something other than a vehicle-themed party, like his third, fourth, and fifth birthdays. He's already talking about a Lego party next year. I'm so excited!