06 September 2013


We're planning a trip to England and Ireland. And we're taking the kids! Oh, what an adventure it will be. Traveling anywhere takes me out of my comfort zone, so I'm trying to keep a low-key, laid back attitude. I'm asking Hubs to plan most of our excursions and focusing on my strengths—perfecting my packing techniques, keeping the kids entertained in transit, and making a list of souvenirs to collect.

Packing techniques:
I'm a Tetris whiz; packing suitcases and cars has always been a fun challenge for me. I'm definitely planning to pack a few days worth of clothes for all of us in each suitcase (instead of one suitcase for each person) in case anything unfortunate happens to a suitcase or two.

Kid entertainment:
I'll admit it—I'm relying on iPod apps, in-flight TV, and naps to take up most of our flight time. Cuz we be flyin ALL DAY LONG. But I picked up some blank notebooks for the kids to journal/collect scraps in, we'll bring some books to read, and I'm seriously considering picking up a pack of wreckable books for the kids to explore. Heck, I want one for myself!

And: snacks, snacks, and more snacks.

Maps are #1 on my list. I love using maps for wrapping paper and other paper crafts, and they're so much cooler if they come from somewhere far away.

Ornaments are another high priority. We have a collection of tree ornaments and/or magnets from almost all of our family travels. I'm pretty picky about our ornaments—they can't be cheesy or excessively touristy—so seeking out the right ones will be a challenge. It's my version of hunting. My favorite ornament-from-elsewhere is a green ceramic saguaro cactus from Arizona.

So now, friends, I need your help. (And I know there are more of you out there than I thought, thanks to some wonderfully supportive comments on my last post. Thank you!) What am I missing? Are you an expert packer with tips for me? Do you have THE solution for keeping 6- and 9-yr olds happy while traveling? What unique items should I be looking for to bring home from our trip?


Anonymous said...

zip-lock bags for packing (you will be thrilled to have those bags for all manner of things when you have emptied them...

Sophie said...

Je n'ai voyagé en avion qu'une fois, en famille (à 6) vers le Canada, et comme toi, j'avais dispersé les vêtements de tout le monde dans les 4 valises que nous avions emportées. Nous avions également chacun des sous-vêtements de rechange dans nos sacs "cabine". Les filles avaient alors 5 et 7 ans, elles jouaient avec leurs poupées (quel drôle de cliché, rayon X, que le sac rempli de poupées passant au portique de la douane !!) et tous les 4 avaient eu des livrets, jeux électroniques, casques... dans l'avion (Air Transat), ça s'était bien passé.

Souvenirs d'Angleterre ou d'Irlande ? Quelques bières dans les bagages, si tu as le droit, je pense que tu aimes ça ;)
Ensuite, tout dépend de ce que tu aimes, j'avais rapporté des objets Cath Kidston parce que j'aime beaucoup ces produits que l'on trouve difficilement en France. J'aime aussi acheter des magazines quand je voyage hors de France.
J'aime aussi conserver certains emballages "exotiques", des tickets, prospectus de visite...

Bon voyage en tous cas !!!

nana/ma said...

I confess I couldn't read all of Sophie's comment so this may be a repeat. I just saw a packing tip on-line. Pack whole outfits in the plastic bags. Easy for kids to grab a bag with everything needed in it. I've been trying to find good packing ideas too...planning ahead. I'll let you know if I find any others!

Chrissy Coonradt said...

Prints from museums to frame! Or even just postcards to frame!

Also- definitely definitely get an OYSTER CARD for everyone in your family. It is a bus/subway pass you can load up with credit, and it makes transportation around the city an absolute breeze.

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