03 January 2012


 These images were taken with an Apple iPod (edited in Lightroom) while my D7000 is away.

I  was excited to try shooting with an iPod today on my weekly marina walk in Hood River. Unfortunately, the cloud cover was so complete, I didn't get that “bright, contrasty light” I'd been hoping for. So I focused on composition and any interesting atmospheric conditions I could find. I loved the reflections of the trees in the glass wall around the steamy hotel pool.

Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow. It's only a day away. ;)


Grandpa Bill said...

Really good image selection. The universe loves an optimist.

Lauralee said...

I've been staying off the computer lately, so I just went through several of your old posts enjoying all the gorgeous photography. Always such lovely pictures. And I agree about this crazy warm weather! Where is the snow?

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